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Do's & Don'ts of Eyelash Extension

Updated: May 12, 2022

Eyelash extensions are an excellent choice for those who want to enhance their eye look semi-permanently. They last anywhere from six to eight weeks and eliminate the need for eye makeup entirely. Upkeep isn't too difficult either (thank the beauty Gods), but there are some general guidelines to follow. Read on to know more on the dos and don’ts of eyelash extensions that will help extend the lifespan of your luscious eyelashes and of course, give you more bang for your buck:

1. Avoid getting them wet for the first 24 to 48 hours

Any moisture around the eyes is a no-no once your new set of extensions is in place. You want the glue to set in order for your lashes to last as long as possible. You are advised to wash around the eyes when cleansing your face and to use an oil-free makeup remover if you need to remove makeup. Better still, avoid washing the lashes directly within the first 48 hours and keep eye makeup to a bare minimum.

2. Avoid oil-based makeup remover

Because oil degrades the glue that holds the lashes in place, it is best to avoid oil cleansers and makeup removers when you have your eyelash extensions on. Instead, try using a gel-based remover. Micellar water is another excellent option for maintaining the adhesion of your extensions and removing debris from them in general.

3. Avoid using waterproof eye makeup

Waterproof makeup (mascara and eyeliner) won't wash off with regular face wash. They usually require an oil-based cleanser to remove, which we've learned is a no-no when it comes to extensions. Good news is, when you have lash extensions, you actually don't even need mascara or eyeliner, as the extensions provide a similar effect to traditional eye-enhancing makeup.

If you still want to go with a traditional eye makeup look, it's best to go with a non-waterproof option so that your makeup is easier to remove.

4. Avoid using mechanical lash curlers

Eyelash curlers are usually a must-have in our makeup bags, but when it comes to lash extensions, it's best to avoid the mechanical curler, as you might get a kink that won't go away.

If you must curl your lashes with an eyelash curler, we recommend heated lash curlers like the Envious Lashes Heated Lash Curler, which heats your lashes like a miniature curling iron. This eyelash curler is popular among celebrities like Julia Roberts and Mary J. Blige.

5. Brush your lashes often

Maintain your fluttery new lashes by brushing them out on a regular basis. The general rule is to only brush them out when necessary. Most drugstores and beauty supply stores sell packs of clean spoolies that you can tuck in your purse for a quick brush.

6. Resist the urge to pull out lashes

As much as possible, resist the urge to pick your lashes throughout the day or while cleansing. Fiddling with the extensions can not only cause the false lashes to fall out, but it can also harm your natural lashes. Depending on the individuals, regular touch-ups are usually needed every two to three weeks. If you don't have enough extensions to fill because you were touch-happy, your technician may charge you an additional fee, up to the cost of a brand new set.

7. Avoid high-pressure showerheads

Showering with strong water pressure can rip your lashes out and leave a beauty nightmare scene on the tile floor. Another reason to take it easy while scrubbing your face: the steam generated by hot water temperature can cause freshly applied glue to fail to set properly.

8. Use silk/satin pillowcases

We've all heard that using a silk pillowcase can help reduce frizzy hair and wrinkles on the face, and guess what? We can now add lash extension preservation to the list of advantages. Cotton pillowcases can cause drying and snagging, which results in premature lash loss.

9. Go easy on the eye cream

The same reason we love ultra-rich eye creams is why we don't recommend using them with lash extensions. All of those emollients will have the same effect on the lash glue as the oil cleansers we discussed earlier, reducing the lifespan of your faux flutter. While you have extensions, look into gel alternatives to eye cream.

10. Avoid rubbing your eyes!

This is much easier said than done, but if you're a chronic eye-rubber, you'll need to break the habit if you want to continue wearing lash extensions. Your lashes will start falling like rain as a result of the friction, and you'll be out another full set fee much sooner than you expected.


Having eyelash extensions opens up your eyes and gives you a sharper feature, plus saving you the time to put on eye makeup. However, just like anything else when it comes to beauty, it will require a certain level of upkeep. Nonetheless, we assure you that the upkeep is worth every effort (and penny!) once you see how beautiful you look with your new faux lashes! Interested in booking an appointment? Get in touch with us here.

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