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Eyebrow Embroidery

Semi Permanent Embroidery 

Semi Permanent is designed to enhance your natural beauty, define your feature, improve your appearance, correct asymmetry and eliminates the chore of having to apply, reapply and remove your make up everyday. 

Semi Permanent make up is a specialized services offering you opportunity to look beautiful barefaced all the time with an extra bonus of looking younger but without the need of surgery.

Sounds too good to be true?

Misty Eyebrow Embroidery

Using brown color, ranging from light to a darker tone with powder effect. 


This eyebrow shape is created by hand dots, the wound area is very small, and the later period of scabs is less  and the recovery is faster. 


Duration : 3 hours

Eyeliner Embroidery

The perfect eyeliner helps define that stunning gaze that stops people in their tracks. They are staple in most makeup routines. Various looks can be crafted from using an eyeliner, be it a winged eyeliner or tight-lined at the waterline.

We provide an eyeliner embroidery artwork that enhances your eyes with a bigger, brighter and refreshed look, all done so by retaining the natural feel.



Duration : 2.5 hours

eyeliner_embroidery_1601218171_7a5fd597_progressive_edited.jpg (1).png

Laser Embroidery Removal

Advanced laser technology that can safely remove eyebrow, eyeliner, permanent makeup or tattoo. This technology maximizes efficiency and yet minimizes the damage of any unwanted or wrongdoings of your previous procedure.


Laser uses heat and light technology to penetrate the PMU zone to break up and dissolve the ink. Once it’s broken down, our immune system and metabolism will expel out the pigments naturally, producing the desired end result. This method allows our skin to heal very fast with minimum damage. 


Duration : 30 minutes

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