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Eye Treatments

Eyes, Neck & Back Treatments

Eye Therapy

Sparkling eye therapy targets eye area to extinguish signs of tiredness by draining fluid, removing tension, softening lines and contouring. This treatment effectively acts on minimizes of fineline and infuses the skin with super energized nutrients.

Benefit :

  • Plumps fine lines and wrinkle

  • Smoothes wrinkles and fine lines

  • Increase of moisture


Duration:  45 minutes

Gua Sha
Eye Therapy

Gua Sha Eye Treatment is a traditional therapy that involves scraping the skin with a massage tool to improve circulation. This traditional technique is further developed to not only increase blood flow to the eyes, but also stimulates skin cell turnover and reduce water retention and inflammation. This treatment effectively acts on fatique eye and dark circle problem. Dull, lifeless skin immediately look brighter and more even toned.

Benefit :

  • Reduce dark circles, eye bags, puffiness

  • Promoting lymphatic drainage to reduce toxins

  • Relaxing eyes muscles and clears congestion

  • Brighter and more even toed.


Duration:  60 minutes

Bio Sonic 
Eye Therapy

Bio sonic eye therapy is a powerful firming and lifting eye treatment that targets loss of elasticity in the eye area. This treatment not only oxygenates the skin cells, it stimulates cell regeneration resulting in less puffy, plumper, smoother, firmer and radiant skin at the eye area. This treatment includes a eye lymphatic massage which helps in detoxification.

Benefit :

  • Target loss of elasticity in eye area

  • Smooths away fine lines

  • Revives tired-looking eyes

  • Detoxes and expels fluid accumulated around the eyes

  • Eyes look more well-rested and brightened


Duration:  60 minutes

RF Liftox Eye Therapy

RF Liftox Eye Therapy uses high frequency radio waves (hRF) to stimulate collagen in the skin. Powerful when used independently, these restorative powers of these revolutionary ingredients are fully unlocked when delivered in unison onto skin. The 6 carefully curated biomimetic Growth Factors bind to GF-receptors to increase the production of skin cells by up to 13x. This dramatic acceleration is powered by the Optic-ATP™, which recharges the cells and provides up to 343% increase in Cellular Energy to support the increase in skin cellular activity. 

Benefit :

  • Plumps up fine lines & wrinkles for youthful-looking eyes.

  • Illuminates dull skin around the eyes and reduces dark circles

  • Drains under-eye puffiness

  • Stimulate collagen

  • Lift droopy eyelids

  • Tightens and smoothens loose skin around the eyes


Duration:  90 minutes

Uplifting Neck Treatment 

Neck can truly indicate a person's age! 


Lack of proper skincare routine and sun overexpose on the neck and décolleté result in dryness and lack of elasticity. 


This treatment has a firming and remodeling effect to give an extraordinary anti aging visible result.

Benefit :

  • Increase skin elasticity

  • Deep moisturizing and firming 

  • Lifting neck contour 

  • Smooth deep wrinkles on the neck


Duration:  60 minutes

Back Acne Treatment 

Back Treatment can be effective in cleansing those hard-to-reach areas, also targeting a variety of skin care needs such as clogged pores, back acne, and moisturizing the skin. This treatment similarly mimics many of the traditional techniques used while performing treatments for the face. It incorporates deep cleansing, extractions with antiseptic solution and purifying masks.

Benefit :

  • Smoothen uneven skin texture tone through extensive exfoliation.

  • Clearer skin with less visible bumps and cysts under the skin.

  • Deep moisturizer intercellular matrix, soothing and non-simulative, helps in healing and skin repair.

  • Remove or unclog pores and blackheads to prevent inflammation and acne


Duration:  60 minutes

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