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Nails Services

Manicured Hands

Classic Manicure / Pedicure 

A classic manicure/pedicure is a relaxing nail treatment that includes shaping, filing, cuticle care, and polish application for beautifully groomed and polished nails and toes.

$30 / $40

45 minutes / 60 minutes

Rejuvenating Hand / Feet Spa

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation with our rejuvenating hand and feet spa. Escape from the daily hustle as we pamper your tired hands and feet with luxurious treatments. Enjoy soothing massages, exfoliation, and nourishing masks to revive your skin and leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.

$50 / $60

45 minutes / 60 minutes 

Gel Nail Extension 

Gel nail extension is a popular beauty technique that involves applying a gel-like substance over natural nails to add length and durability, resulting in long-lasting and attractive manicures.

$20 per nail / $150 per set

60-90 minutes

Gel Manicure / Gel Pedicure

Gel manicure/pedicure is a long-lasting nail treatment that uses gel polish cured under UV or LED light. It provides a glossy finish and chip-resistant results for beautiful and durable nails.

$60 / $80

60 minutes / 80 minutes

O2 Fizzy 5 Step Hand / Feet Spa

The O2 Fizzy 5-Step Hand/Feet Spa is a luxurious and rejuvenating treatment designed for ultimate relaxation and nourishment. It includes five individualized steps, utilizing a set of specialized products to pamper your hands and feet. Enjoy the soothing and effervescent experience as it revitalizes and moisturizes your skin, leaving you refreshed.

$70 / $80

60 minutes / 70 minutes

Nail Polish Soak Off

Nail soak-off is a process of removing nail polish or artificial nails using a liquid solution, gently dissolving the product for easy and damage-free removal.

$20 ( Gel) / $35-$55 (Acrylic)

30 -45 minutes

Express Manicure / Pedicure

A quick and refreshing nail treatment that includes nail shaping, and a polish application for beautifully groomed hands and feet.

$15 / $20

15 minutes / 20 minutes 

Callus Treatment 

Effective callus treatment for feet, addressing thickened, rough skin. Targeting pain relief and improved foot health. Expert solutions for softening and removing calluses. Restore comfort and mobility.


30 minutes

Nail Art / French / Polka Dots

Nail art is a creative form of self-expression that involves decorating and embellishing fingernails with intricate designs, colors, and patterns, often achieved through polish, stickers, or other artistic techniques.

From $8 onwards


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