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H2Osmotique Photon LightTherapy 

Intensive Facial Treatment

$230  (105 minutes)

Suitable for:

  • Dry & Dehydrated skin

  • Dull, Tired & Stressed out skin

  • Ageing skin, Smoothing


Benefits and Results:

  • Reactivates skin’s hydration mechanisms 

  • Replenishes its water reserves to re-hydrate skin and soothe sensitivities

  • Plumps skin up with hydration

  • Increasing suppleness, dewiness and “bounce”

  • Re-nourishes skin with high concentration of fatty essential acids, vitamins and minerals – components essential to fight environment stress

  • Increased blood flow and collagen production, whitening skin wrinkles tightens skin improve pigmentation, fine lines, and anti aging.

  • Reduces skin grease smoothens & energies the skin reduces redness removes.

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The ultimate source of hydration for dry and dehydrated skin, our powerful H2Osmotique Light Therapy treatment delivers an avalanche of intense moisture to skin in an instant. 

Treatment features a plethora of hydro-intelligent actives that completely immerse skin in moisture, soothing sensitivities and restoring suppleness all at once.


Photon light therapy is also used in the treatment process, there are 7 light therapies designed according to the problems of the skin. Photon Light Therapy treatment, which allows the skin to repair and restructure itself thanks to Led lights of different wavelengths, and contributes to the beautiful aging of the skin, supports the production of collagen in the skin with different light therapies, strengthens the connective tissues of the skin and initiates the skin repair process.



RESULTS: Brightening, Firms, hydrate and plumps the skin!

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