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Eyelash Extension

Eyelash Extensions

We focus on protecting the natural lash with perfect isolation and quality products to erase the preconceived notions about lash extensions being damaging to your natural lashes.Lashes can be worn regularly so long as they're applied correctly and with the natural lash health preservation in mind.
We use a unique layering technique to create beautiful and natural looking eyelash extensions. We divide your lashes into different layers, along with combination of various lash extensions lengths to create a mascara effect.
Type and style of lashes will be carefully determined after consultation with you.

Individual Eyelash Extensions
An individual eyelash extension refers to the method of intricately applying ONE extension onto ONE of your individual original eyelash.

 Natural Look


If you adore the light make up look, the option gives you that mascara effect without ever having to worry about any smudging.

100 lashes for pair of eyes.


Signature Volume Look

signature volume.png

Step into spotlight with a full, eye-defining set of lashes. Being our most popular choice, this option gives your eyelash an added dimension with the increased volume (mascara look) and a light eyeliner effect! A perfect look for day and night.

180 lashes for pair of eyes.


Glamorous Look


For the ladies who love to party, with this glamorous set you are bound to get noticed. The best part? You don’t have to worry about our eye makeup smudging nor removing them at night!

Unlimited  lashes for pair of eyes.


Multiple Layer Eyelash Extensions

Multiple layer eyelash extensions are accomplished by meticulously adding 2 to 6 super fines lashes onto ONE  of your individual original eyelash.

2D Fancy Look

2D Fancy_edited.jpg

This application involves adding eyelash extensions to a single original eyelash. This gives the lashes a more fluttery cross cross effect, allowing a slightly more full look. Recommended for ladies with sparse lashes.

200 lashes for pair of eyes.


3D Fancy Look

3D Fancy.png

This application involves adding 3 eyelash extensions to a single original eyelash to give your eyes dark,plush eyelash line to accentuate voluminous yet elegant and extravagant look. Ideal for ladies who prefer a more dramatic effect.

360 lashes for pair of eyes.


Royal Lavish Look


This application involves adding 4 to 6 eyelash extensions are added to a single original eyelash are for the ladies who love intense volume and fluff! You will be amazed at how it does not weigh down nor appear clumpy night!

Unlimited  lashes for pair of eyes.


Enhance Services​

Lash Refill

Lash refill are a key part of the ongoing maintenance that keep your lashes looking great. As the lashes grow out, they will be replaced with fresh new ones giving the look of a full set.Recommended refill within 2 to 3 weeks from the full session. 

Refill 50% lashes for eyelash extensions set.

By Skinlash - $50 to $110
By Other Salon - $1 per strand

Lash Spa

A deep cleansing lash spa removes dead skin, oil, dirt and bacteria. This helps to prevent eye infections and irritation. Clean eyelashes and a clean lash line also help your eyelash extensions last longer, avoiding premature fall outs due to poor adhesion.


Lash Removal

Your eyelash extension will be safely removed by our skilled eyelash technicians to protect your natural lashes.

By Skinlash - $15

By Other Salon - $20-$25

Bottom Lash Extensions

Show your bottom lashes some love by extending them. Dramatically accentuate your perfect wink.


How to choose a right eyelash extensions curl  for your eyes  ? 

Create a lash design for yourself, you’re customizing a style based on more than what the latest celebrity is sporting; you’re taking into account several factors: eye shape, age, profession, lifestyle and more. 

What should you avoid after eyelash extensions? 

Want to preserve those beautiful lashes for as long as possible?

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