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How to choose a right eyelash extensions curl  for your eyes  ? 
Create a lash design for yourself, you’re customizing a style based on more than what the latest celebrity is sporting; you’re taking into account several factors: eye shape, age, profession, lifestyle and more.

Lash Diameters


Lash Lengths


Lash Design Style



Applying lash extension to follow the way in which the natural lashes sit will create fuller and longer looking lashes whilst maintaining the natural eyelash pattern.


Cat Eye

To create the illusion of wise set ‘exotic’ eyes, you would use the longest lashes towards the outside edge of the lashes.



Created by starting short and gradually getting longer with the halfway point being the longest length and then gradually getting shorter again.



By using longer lengths throughout the midsection o the lashes it will create the appearance of large, open eyes.

Lash Curls Chart

"Lash curl can make all the difference in your eye-catching beauty. Learn about the various lash curl options, from natural and classic curls to dramatic and bold styles. Discover how each curl type can enhance your eye shape and overall appearance. Elevate your lash game and find the perfect curl to suit your unique style and personality."


J Curl 

Mimicking the natural shape of eyelashes, it has a light curvature at tip and lead a more natural appearance.


B Curl 

This curl's bend falls between the J and C curls, and is typically used for the inner corners of the eyes and bottom row of lashes. B curls are a popular choice to blend with C curls to create texture and lift.


C Curl 

These lashes give clients a bright, wide-eye effect without looking too heavy or dramatics. 

C curl tend to be blended with other curls for texturizing. 


CC Curl 

This has very strong curly hair to be used when you need much more voluminous eyes than C curl. You can change your eyelashes to display a sexy and cheerful look.


D Curl 

This curl brings on the drama. Used to create the illusion of a bigger eye, the D curl is typically blended with other curls for texturizing. 


U/DD Curl 

Half circle shape and is the curliest type of lash extension. Used for dramatically opening the eyes.

For mature eyes with heavy lids it’s better to use shorter length of U curl extensions since longer ones will more likely pick the upper lid skin.


L Curl 

This curl type is perfect for straight lashes and downward pointing lashes and for single eyelid and deep-set eyes. This curl type helps extension last more days since it has the longest base for bondage.

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