Soothing & Hydrating Lotion

Soothing & Hydrating Lotion

This alcohol-free plant base hydrating lotion helps soothe and rebalance the skin after cleansing. Soothing & Hydrating Lotion is enriched with Ginger, Witch Hazel, Green Tea and 13 other kinds of herbal extracts. It is hypo-allergenic and suitable for all skin types.

•Prevents skin dryness
•Soothing and calming
•Evens skin tone

Refresh and hydrate your skin anytime, anywhere
Before make-up - Give your skin instant boost & helps to blend your make up well.
Inside office - Save your skin from dryness after long hours in the office.
After sun exposes - Helps to restore moisture to your skin after over drying.
Set your makeup - Spray on your face right after make up application for a quick touch up to refresh.


Main Active Ingredients:
13 types of Plant Extracts

Includes Witch hazel, Arnica, Pot Marigold, Lemon, Ginger, Burdock, Rosemary, Ivy, Scots Pine, Sage, Green Tea, Matricaria, and Garden Nasturtium. All known to heal and prevent dry skin, treat skin conditions such as acne and eczema, and slow the aging process.

Ginger Root Extract
The use of ginger on the skin can increase skin’s radiance and decrease inflammation that may contribute to acne and psoriasis. Ginger is an antioxidant, not only does it fights skin-damaging free radicals, but also promotes smoothness and evenness in skin tone.

Witch Hazel Extract
A plant extract with toning and astringent properties. It also helps promote healing, reduce inflammation and has anti irritant properties.


Hold 8-10 inches away from face, close eyes and spray liberally.