Lash Cleanser Foam

Lash Cleanser Foam

Details : 

  • Foaming lash shampoo

  • Lash Foam Cleanser with tea tree prevents proliferation of bacteria and mites, eye irritation, eye diseases and allergies

  • Lengthen the bond of the eyelash extensions, improving retention

  • Cleansing the eyelashes on a daily basis will not only keep your eyelashes healthy

  • 30ml Gentle, Non-Irritating formula



1. Soak lint free pads or gauze swabs in warm water and add a drop of lash cleanser. Use a pea sized amount and a beauty brush to clan in between lashes.


2. Hold over closed eyes for one minutes, rub from inner to outer corner of eyelids.


3. Rinse lids and lashes well with water.