Maskne Pulsed Light Treatment

Intensive Facial Treatment

$210  (120 minutes)

Suitable for:

  • Acne scars

  • Acne Prone Skin

  • Congested Skin


Benefits and Results:

  • Minimize breakouts and further blemishes

  • Purify and re-balances oiliness

  • Combat pore congestion

  • Unclog and eliminate blemish-causing

  • impurities/bacteria

  • Lighten acne scars, dark spots and brown patches

  • Soothing and softening skin

ipl facial.jpg

Maskne Pulsed Light treatment are perfect for who with stubborn acne breakouts that do not respond to prescription medication and other treatment modalities. 

Our pulsed light device concentrates the light into individual pulses pulses that target acne causing bacteria.

This results in a decrease of acne lesions by approximately 40%. This modality of treatment offers patients a long remission time between sessions without any drug related side effects.


RESULTS: You may expect some redness but as the healing begins, the results of glowing, supple skin will start to show.