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Lash Cleansing Foam 

Thoroughly give your eyelashes a bubble bath with the Lash Cleanser as it keeps your lash follicles clean, comfortable and healthy, which lengthen the retention of eyelash extensions.

SGD $56

About the product

★High-class Spa for the Lashes, richly moisturizes the eyelashes.

★With the tea tree essentials added to the cleanser, the foam cleanser can thoroughly wash away the dirt, make-up residues, and other irritations. Always keep your eyes in the best condition.

★Cleansing the eyelashes on a daily basis will keep your eyelashes healthy

★30ml Gentle, Non-Irritating formula

★100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE : Make sure the item Sold by ''JOVISA'' to receive GENUINE Product. JOVISA - Based in Taipei, Taiwan

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