Eye Treatments

Eye Treatments

Sparkling Eye Therapy

Sparkling eye therapy targets eye area to extinguish signs of tiredness by draining fluid, removing tension, softening lines and contouring with micro-current followed by unique eye drainage massage to revitalize and reduce dark eye circles..

Benefit :

  • Reduces puffiness

  • Lightens dark eye circles 

  • Smoothen and plump up fine lines

  • Repair skin matrix

  • Lift and sharpen eye contours


Duration :30 minutes

Bio Sonic Eye Therapy

Bio sonic eye therapy is a powerful firming and lifting eye treatment that targets loss of elasticity in the eye area. This treatment not only oxygenates the skin cells, it stimulates cell regeneration resulting in less puffy, plumper, smoother, firmer and radiant skin at the eye area. This treatment includes a eye lymphatic massage which helps in detoxification.

Benefit :

  • Target loss of elasticity in eye area

  • Smooths away fine lines

  • Eliminate puffiness around the eye area

  • Oxygenating the skin cells it stimulates cellular regeneration resulting in smother, firmer, plumper and move radiant skin.


Duration : 60 minutes

Gua Sha Eye Therapy

Gua Sha Eye Treatment is a traditional therapy that involves scraping the skin with a massage tool to improve circulation.

This traditional technique is further developed to not only increase blood flow to the eyes, but also stimulates skin cell turnover and reduce water retention and inflammation.

Benefit : 

  • Reduce fine lines, wrinkles

  • Reduce dark circles, eye bags, puffiness

  • Promoting lymphatic drainage to reduce toxins

  • Relaxing facial muscles and clears congestion

  • Supporting collagen and elastin production, regenerating cells and relieving areas of tension

  •  Alleviating stress related symptoms and fatigue


Duration : 45 minutes

RF Sonic Eye Therapy

RF Sonic Eye Therapy uses high frequency radio waves (hRF) to stimulate collagen in the skin. This treatment offers access to the device to eliminate wrinkles under the eyes. Whether it's wrinkles, creases, or loose skin, facial aesthetics begin with your eyes.

Benefit :

  • Reduce dark circles

  •  Removal of eye bags

  • Tighten & firm skin around the eyes

  • Reduce fine lines & wrinkles

  •  Lift droopy eyelids


Duration : 60 minutes