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Essencious Treatment 

Advanced Facial Treatment

$160  (75 minutes)

Essencious treatments for each individual based on age, skin type, pre-existing skin conditions and specialty needs.


Whether your skin is oily, clogged, dehydrated, mature, dull or just acting tired, a professional skin care treatment will benefit any skin type.


(A) Fermatique Brilliance

A targeted treatment for glowing and rejuvenated skin that channels fermented actives to reignite skin inner light source and regeneration abilities. time-tested technique of fermentation allows super-charged nutrients to breakthrough skin's multi-layers enabling increased penetrability and enhanced skin functions. Skin becomes illuminated and firmer.


Benefits and Results:

  • Energizes skin functions

  • Saturates skin with pure Vitamin E

  • induces brightness and a velvety texture

  • Calm & nurtures skin

  • Lifts away dullness and gray veil


(B) Seed Affinity

A deeply nourishing and hydrating treatment that uses extraordinary seed nutrients. This treatment is powered by life infusing seed based actives packed with Omege 3, 6 ,and 9 essential fatty acids that propel skin's multicellular regeneration and optimize moisture level by restoring skin's hydrolipidic layer. Precious skin cells are immersed in much needed moisture and nutrition for skin that radiates with suppleness, vitality and a healthy shine.


Benefits and Results:

  • Moisturizes and supports skin's natural functions

  • Builds up skin's immunity against external stressors.

  • Impart continuous nourishment and hydration.

  • Strengthens ski's defenses against germs, pollutants and extrinsic agents.


(C) Planktonic Power

An advanced detoxifying and protective treatment developed using outstanding marine resources.

The mystical phytoplankton and sea algae, extracted from the placenta of the ocean, are the basis of food chain and contain the highest density of minerals, micronutrients and electrolytes.

This treatment cleanses and soothes, minimizes inflammation and pores as well as safeguards the skin from environmental damage.


Benefits and Results:

  • Purifies and awakens skin

  • Rebalances skin

  • Optimizes moisture levels

  • Plumps and softens skin

  • Locks nutrients into skin

  • Enforces skin clarity

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