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Biological Treatment 

   Suitable for:

  • All skin condition 


   Benefits & Results:  

  • Brightens dull, lackluster skin

  • Promotes skin cell renewal

  • Improves skin radiance and glow

  • Intensively hydrates skin

  • Boost skin’s moisture levels

  • Reduces blackheads, whiteheads & clogged pores

  • Results in radiant, hydrated and healthier looking skin

RESULTS: Your skin will feel and look youthful, hydrated and rejuvenated.


An essential facial is designed to provide a thorough cleansing for normal, dry, or oily skin without targeting more advanced skin conditions. This skin therapy is ideal to treat and address everyday skin care concerns such as oiliness, dryness, and skin congestion.
At the beginning of your session, our  therapist will ask you about any areas of concern and discuss the skincare goals that you hope to achieve during your treatment. With these goals in mind, we will customize a skin treatment personalized just for you using carefully selected skincare products and proprietary aromatherapy blends in addition to any complementary service enhancements.

$100  (45 minutes)

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